Customers Now Prefer Shopping Online To In-Store

I have been reading several research reports from both sides of the Atlantic recently that talk about how customers are starting to favour the online shopping experience over the real, in-store experience. How could this be? Haven't retailers always found that some customers prefer to see and touch products before purchasing?Times are changing. then it is clear that the Millennial demographic spends at least half of their entire shopping budget online. The report shows that 67 per cent of Millennials and 56 per cent of Generation X "prefer to search and purchase on e-commerce sites rather than in-store" while 41 per cent of Baby Boomers and 28 per cent of seniors "prefer online to offline shopping."In my opinion the industry analyst community talks too much about demographic differences - especially how the Millennials are changing the world.

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Bangles, Henna stalls fascinate young girls during Eid shopping

ISLAMABAD – With Eid-ul-Fitr only a few days away, illuminated stalls carrying accessories such as bangles and henna in different are attracting many young girls to Jinnah Super Market, Super Market, F-10 Markaz, G-9 Markaz and other main markets and buyers rush to add the finishing touches to their Eid outfits. “Keeping abreast with latest fashion trends, I bought colorful decorative handmade and glass bangles for me as well as my sisters and friends. This time, I bought bangles before “Chaand Raat” to avoid the increasing rush during end days,” Marium, a young girl said.She said, “I send bangles and henna as gift to all my friends on “Chaand Raat” every year to share the happiness of Eid.”

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