Which Type of Lock Should You Buy

For security reasons, a homeowner should always consider what type of lock he or she should buy. Whether a homeowner, apartment owner or condominium unit owner, there are several types of locks to choose from. If you want the best assurance as to which type you should go for, reaching out to an expert like Locksmith Brisbane is the best thing you can do. Alternatively, you can refer to the information below for some preliminary details.
Door Lock Buying Guide
Many of the deadbolt locks tested by Consumer Reports lack the level of protection you might want or expect. In CR labs, a few well-placed kicks or a couple of minutes under assault from a cordless drill was all it took to defeat almost every lock in the ratings. That goes for conventional deadbolts and smart locks—those you can operate with your smartphone.
CR’s test results are especially unsettling given that forcible entries (both attempted and completed) were the entry method used for 52 percent of all household burglaries in 2011, according to the Department of Justice’s Household Burglary special report (PDF). But though it’s true that a determined burglar will always find a way in, such ratings can help you find the right lock to give your home a fighting chance.
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The door lock is one of the initial protections against burglars found in almost all households. This is an undeniable fact that can be attested worldwide. Aside from gate locks, the door locks are the most prone to attacks. Due to this, a homeowner should always choose the right lock in order to ward off these intruders or at least to give time to the police to respond in some cases.
Drills Easily Open Most Locks
With all except one lock, which is classified as high-security, even an ordinary cordless drill can disable the cylinders in 2 minutes or less. The drill test on the Medeco Maxum 11603(a tough lock on the market), which has hardened cylinders, ruined the lock but denied access. So you’d have to replace the lock but not the contents of your home.
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Most burglars and thieves carry drills during their heists. The common example of such drill nowadays is the wireless drill. Although not that powerful, these wireless drills are battery operated and they can disable most locks in the span of two minutes. If you are looking for the right lock then you should check out the test results against such drills usually found in the product details of the lock.
Conventional Deadbolts
These models don’t offer fancy features, but they can keep your doors secure. They range from high-end, drill-proof models from Medeco to inexpensive deadbolts you’d find at a variety store. All of them are single-cylinder locks, and a few models can be rekeyed without the need to hire a locksmith.
Pros: Models are affordable and often “rekeyable”. Deadbolts significantly improve security over key-in-knob locks alone.
Cons: They lack the convenience and extra features of smart models.
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Deadbolts add a significant layer of defense against thieves and burglars. Aside from the usual key-in door knobs, it can boost the resistance of the door. Two locks are better than one as the saying goes. There are drill resistant cylinders used in the expensive deadbolts when compared to the inexpensive ones. It is recommended to invest in a tough deadbolts although it costs more, as the protection it can offer can definitely outweigh the costs.

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